The 10 Second Autism Test

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Omega 3s and GLA found to help ease symptoms of autism in toddlers born pre-term

Omega 3s and GLA found to help ease symptoms of autism in toddlers born pre-term
A pilot study by Ohio-based researchers suggested that omega-3 oils and gamma linoleic acids (GLA) could help reduce the symptoms of autisms in toddlers born as pre-term babies, reported …

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Why This Winter Could Be EXTREMELY Cold And Snowy: 22 – 23 what I mentioned about winter at our condo meeting? Well here’s the science of why this is going to be a cold and snowy winter! Given that this is a third year La Nina, which is extremely rare, it still could be quite unpredictable.

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I’m leaving DuckDuckGo, and here’s what I picked…

How satisfied am I with DuckDuckGo search results?
The base uses Bing as its search engine.

But no one should be married to one particular search engine.
At 7 minutes, he covers what strengths each search engine has.
This list makes it easy to select whatever search engine you want.
Below is a list:
DuckDuckGo, StartPage, SearchXNG, mojeek, and Brave.

All of these give you better privacy than Google or Bing, and don’t send your search results to some spam Advertiser.
Keep in mind that Brave is the newest search engine, but index results will continue to improve as more people use it. Brave also allows you to use a private VPN, which start page does not.

I hope this video gives you a few examples other than the mainstream search engines. Happy searching with more privacy!

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10,000 Uncounted Ballots Found in County, Top Election Official Resigns; New Bill Proposed Matter. Mar 10 2022.

The video segments I want you to pay attention to starts at the beginning and goes through
I want to draw your attention to 6m37. We have a Bill in Congress, HR 4044, called the VOTE act. Unfortunately this bill is stalled in Congress since June. Clearly we need to do something about this!

If voter Integrity is important to you, I urge you to contact your congressman and insist that they get this passed immediately!
Let’s put their feet to the fire, or put a better way, Heat under their seat!

If you’d like a little further information, I’ve listed several links below.
I copied them from the notes section.

VOTE act:

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This will dwarf covid, and it’s far more deadly, w Stephen Fry.

This story will chill you to the Bone!

I’m sure all of you are well aware that our Healthcare System is broke, worldwide! What you don’t know is why? This video will take the blinders off so to speak, and warn you about the coming events you will soon be facing, like super bugs that are antibiotic resistant.

The sad part is our Healthcare System is chasing money, not Better Health Care. This especially includes the plethora of Administrators which has skyrocketed over the decades. Instead of more nurses, we have many fewer. This is part of the reason our Healthcare System is broken. Imagine dying because there is no nurse to assist with the equipment! Or how those with insurance still lose their home!

Watch the video for more reasons, and exceptional Graphics that lay bare the full extent of our Healthcare problem.

Also consider signing the petition that is mentioned near the end.

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8 January, 2022 22:21

Fwd: CB#: 6083341449
Thank you for using Picture and Video Messaging by U.S. Cellular. See for info.

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Disability Scoop — Intervention For Babies Greatly Reduces Odds Of Autism Diagnosis, Study Finds

Intervention For Babies Greatly Reduces Odds Of Autism Diagnosis, Study Finds

A first-of-its-kind study finds that intervention for infants showing signs of autism can dramatically reduce symptom severity and lessen the chance that a child will later be diagnosed. Read More >

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Update your email preferences

Update your email preferences
We have recently updated our email mailing list system and have added additional options to help us better get you the information you are interested in without overwhelming your inbox. In addition to our regularly monthly newsletter you can now receive additional updates related to the following topics:

  • Activities for adults on the autism spectrum
  • Activities for families with a child on the autism spectrum
  • Janesville area activities
  • Sauk City area activities
  • Volunteer opportunities
Click here to update your email preferences
The Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin is a small, local nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of all who are impacted by autism by providing information, resources and support while raising awareness and acceptance in our community.
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INTEGRAL Adult Autism Conference

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