When Children With Autism Grow Up – BuzzFeed News

When Children With Autism Grow Up – BuzzFeed News.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you! This story will challenge you as it expands your consciousness about how the world is not prepared for those more severely on the spectrum, and how they need constant 24×7 care in order to function. The article is very blunt, and covers some very personal topics.

The comments are, perhaps, the most challenging section. The information covered in the article has some offended, some feel abused, while some commend the light it sheds on a subject that doesn’t get much attention, how autism is growing rapidly, and care providers and institutions will be playing catch-up for quite a while.

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Diagnosed with Aspergers at 34, this blog chronicles some of the life events I've gone through, and how I hope to help others on the Autism Spectrum. Posts that are personal opinions will be moving to another Wordpress site by the end of the year; for those looking for help with autism, I hope you will continue to visit and spread the word about the articles that most of the time are links to something I read. Please let me know what challenges you are facing, and I will do my best to address them. Thanks for reading my blog!
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