ABLE Accounts and Charter Schools


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The Autism Society and general public have been forced to adjust their “policies”. The Autism Society has joined forces with other chapters against the hazards of voucher schools. At least our reps have back-pedaled and won’t be converting poor performing schools to charter. There are ample studies that show no better education in charter schools, but yet public schools are burdened with smaller budgets because of how they are funded; the insult is the different standards of education comparing charter with public schools. Why do charter schools have different accountability standards? Ask your rep to explain, and don’t let up. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE TO YOU! Especially if you have children in school.

This has been a busy month, as you can see! I’m continuing to monitor when ABLE accounts will be available, and will chronicle how it works out for me right here. Here is my previous post. OOPS! I don’t have a previous post, so I need to play catch-up. Google Search Results – Progress on ABLE accounts. Autism Speaks – 10 things to know about ABLE accounts. Read more about the legislation here.

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Diagnosed with Aspergers at 34, this blog chronicles some of the life events I've gone through, and how I hope to help others on the Autism Spectrum. Posts that are personal opinions will be moving to another Wordpress site by the end of the year; for those looking for help with autism, I hope you will continue to visit and spread the word about the articles that most of the time are links to something I read. Please let me know what challenges you are facing, and I will do my best to address them. Thanks for reading my blog!
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