Mental Health Documentary of hope: Episode 1

My name is Ben Duffy and I am a filmmaker who makes documentaries from a humanitarian point of view. I am a huge advocate for mental health. I truly believe pretty much everyone struggles or knows someone who struggles with mental health….especially during the covid-19.

I really can’t tell you why I try so hard to make documentaries that can possibly help people. But I do, and I don’t know if that aspect of me will ever change even if people tell me that my films are too heavy (emotionally) for them.
With that being said, I have created the first episode of my new documentary series titled…
“I Do Not Blame Myself”, which is a documentary series about how we heal with a mental illness. Making a series like this gives me nothing but hope that I will be okay and that there is a chance to alleviate trauma and despondency. I find the subjects in this film to be a representation of what I can hope to become for myself. I am so grateful to Gene, Linda, Devin, and the “Down In Upstate” for giving me this opportunity to hopefully build a notion that healing is tangible, even if you have a mental illness.
Here is the link to episode 1 (completely free, all I want is for people to watch) –
If you do find the time to watch the series, I want to thank you with more sincerity then I have ever felt in my life. Feel free to write a comment or share on facebook or whatever is in your heart in the moment.
Thank you….so, so, much.
Ben Duffy Presents,
Documentaries from a humanitarian point of view.

About akutil86

Diagnosed with Aspergers at 34, this blog chronicles some of the life events I've gone through, and how I hope to help others on the Autism Spectrum. Posts that are personal opinions will be moving to another Wordpress site by the end of the year; for those looking for help with autism, I hope you will continue to visit and spread the word about the articles that most of the time are links to something I read. Please let me know what challenges you are facing, and I will do my best to address them. Thanks for reading my blog!
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