Ease the IEP Documentation Burden and Mitigate Risk in your SPED Department

Ease the IEP Documentation & Compliance Burden


Are you a special education professional looking for an easier way to document services, track IEP goal progress and monitor data? Athlos understands it is time consuming to document service minutes and goal progress for students. Our app helps make this easy. Monitor and analyze your data digitally from any phone, tablet, laptop or desktop!



Disability Groups Worried As Supreme Court Weighs Affordable Care Act
 Advocates say that people with disabilities have a lot to lose as the U.S. Supreme Court considers whether or not to strike down the Affordable Care Act. Read More > 
 Even In Adulthood, Autism Challenges Linger For Caregivers Aging caregivers of adults with autism are struggling and new research finds that some factors make the burden especially great. Read More > 
  Advertisement — Continue reading below    Founders with Disabilities Battle for $$ in PitchFest Competition on 11/19! It’s on! On 11/19, 12 diverse & creative founders from the National Center for Disability Entrepreneurship Center at The Viscardi Center will battle for thousands of dollars in equity-free cash grants and special prizes. Join the disability entrepreneurship movement! SAVE YOUR SPOT TODAY! >    
 Airline Policy Bans Some Wheelchairs From Flights American Airlines is reviewing a policy change that may have barred travelers from bringing motorized wheelchairs on its regional jets, effectively cutting them off from over 100 destinations. Read More > 
 Man With Down Syndrome Reaches Historic First By Completing Ironman A 21-year-old with Down syndrome is the first with the chromosomal disorder to complete an entire Ironman triathlon, which entails swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and running 26.2 miles. Read More > 

Biden Victory Brings High Hopes For Disability Community

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 Feds Push States To Prioritize Community-Based Services

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 SSI, Social Security Benefits Will Increase In 2021

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 Study Links Frequent Doctor Visits To Autism Risk

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 Autism Insurance Mandates Lead To More Behavior Therapists

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 Education Department Addresses Special Ed Concerns Related To COVID-19

Read More >

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