This will dwarf covid, and it’s far more deadly, w Stephen Fry.

This story will chill you to the Bone!

I’m sure all of you are well aware that our Healthcare System is broke, worldwide! What you don’t know is why? This video will take the blinders off so to speak, and warn you about the coming events you will soon be facing, like super bugs that are antibiotic resistant.

The sad part is our Healthcare System is chasing money, not Better Health Care. This especially includes the plethora of Administrators which has skyrocketed over the decades. Instead of more nurses, we have many fewer. This is part of the reason our Healthcare System is broken. Imagine dying because there is no nurse to assist with the equipment! Or how those with insurance still lose their home!

Watch the video for more reasons, and exceptional Graphics that lay bare the full extent of our Healthcare problem.

Also consider signing the petition that is mentioned near the end.

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