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Case Study: Rapid Complete Recovery From An Autism Spectrum Disorder After Treatment of Aspergillus With The Antifungal Drugs Itraconazole And Sporanox – PubMed

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Empower: Update on Coronavirus Relief Bill, Convention, and more!

Update on Coronavirus Relief Bill Disability rights advocates must continue mounting the pressure on Congress. Senators returned home to their districts until September 8 for summer recess without passing coronavirus relief legislation to address the dire needs of people with disabilities, their families, and the direct support … Continue reading

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Personal Blog — How different is Your Autism from Mine?

Introduction I recently watched a PBS Nova Show about Dogs. I love watching shows that get me to reflect on my personal condition… after all I’m very much a mental person. Emotions not so much. This show got me to … Continue reading

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Disabled people cannot be treated as expendable.

“Disabled people cannot be treated as expendable.” Mark Hodgkinson, Chief Executive, Scope, comments in today’s @Independent on a shocking letter sent to disabled patients by a GP surgery on Covid-19. GP surgery tells severely ill patients that if they get … Continue reading

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Policy Advocacy, Disaster Preparedness & NAAM || Autism Society

The Autism Society is focused on providing resources surrounding Policy Advocacy, where our efforts, determination, and progress are exemplified at the local, state, and national levels. 2020 brings new and potential legislation surrounding community living, healthcare, housing, and employment, all … Continue reading

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Glyphosate + aluminum + mercury + glutamate = autism AutismOne Media Jun 1, 2018 Autism, Health, Glyphosate, PPT Slides:… I have been searching for environmental causes of autism for over a decade, and I now believe that I have identified the key toxic environmental factors that are … Continue reading

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GMO Foods, Glyphosate, Autism & Obesity – Stephanie Seneff High Intensity Health Jul 7, 2016 Glyphosate, Health, Autism, Advocacy, Science says eating just one meal per day can improve your health. Learn more at

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Only 2 weeks left to apply for ACI!

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Couples With Disabilities Navigate Red Tape On Way To Altar

Couples With Disabilities Navigate Red Tape On Way To Altar Marriage often means sacrificing much needed government benefits for people with developmental disabilities, but a proposed law could change that. Read More >

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Students Aim To Brighten Future For Classmates With Autism

Students Aim To Brighten Future For Classmates With Autism High school students are looking to help their peers with special needs build a foundation for productive, fulfilling lives after graduation by equipping them with skills to run small businesses. Read … Continue reading

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