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A Lesson on Empathy from a People-First CEO

All CEOs should be like this guy! How about a no-questions-asked, interest-free loan if you have an emergency? Who does that? ========================================================== Freethink 399K subscribersSUBSCRIBED This video was created in partnership with Conscious Capitalism. Subscribe here:…​ In an increasingly … Continue reading

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2021 is already shaping up to be a big year for sharing at the local, regional, and even national levels and here at Shareable we’re looking forward to keeping you in the loop! In addition to this week’s stories (which … Continue reading

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Pandemic Hitting Families Of Those With Disabilities Harder — Disability Scoop

Pandemic Hitting Families Of Those With Disabilities Harder Family caregivers of people with disabilities are experiencing isolation, anxiety and other ill-effects from the coronavirus pandemic in far greater numbers than others, new research finds. Read More > Alvin Kutil

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Article: 4 daily practices that foster emotional resilience

Psychologists have been studying resilience for decades. Here’s what they’ve found. If you want to learn a thing or two about emotional resilience, just talk to entrepreneur Ash Ambirge, creator of the Middle Finger Project. She’s been looked down on … Continue reading

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12 Signs You’re Talking to a Fake Friend BRIGHT SIDE Mar 14, 2019 LIKE Personality, Figuring out a person’s real intentions can be pretty hard. Some people pretend to be sincere when they need something from you. Luckily, there are a couple of surefire ways to spot … Continue reading

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30+ Little-Known Tricks to Read Strangers || Bright Side Need a little help reading body language? Watch this video from bright side and try to remember the signals as best as you can. It might be a little hard at first, but practice makes perfect. Maybe you know … Continue reading

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Couples With Disabilities Navigate Red Tape On Way To Altar

Couples With Disabilities Navigate Red Tape On Way To Altar Marriage often means sacrificing much needed government benefits for people with developmental disabilities, but a proposed law could change that. Read More >

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The Updated Guide for Military Families is Here!

Do military families have children on the Spectrum? You bet they do, and here is how to navigate the veteran system.

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The beautiful reality of autism | Guy Shahar

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The beauty of raising an autistic child | Sally Deitch Having a child changes everything, especially if they are Autistic or on the Spectrum. No matter how minor the form, there is a price to be paid. For those that are parents, never take for granted how blessed you … Continue reading

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