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Free teacher resources to support students with autism

Educator ResourcesFor teachers looking for extra guidance on how to support their students with autism, look no further. OAR provides informational guidebooks, professional development videos, and peer education tools to help you and your students thrive in a safe and inclusive classroom.Understanding Autism: Professional Development:Tackle challenging behavior and download a fact sheetof … Continue reading

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40+ Tips to Read Body Language in a Few Seconds || Bright Side

What does it mean to be able to read other people? It’s about knowing, beyond words, what they’re thinking or what they want to say. It’s about sensing what they mean, even if they say something completely different. The ability … Continue reading

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Personal Blog — How different is Your Autism from Mine?

Introduction I recently watched a PBS Nova Show about Dogs. I love watching shows that get me to reflect on my personal condition… after all I’m very much a mental person. Emotions not so much. This show got me to … Continue reading

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30+ Little-Known Tricks to Read Strangers || Bright Side Need a little help reading body language? Watch this video from bright side and try to remember the signals as best as you can. It might be a little hard at first, but practice makes perfect. Maybe you know … Continue reading

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Autism: A Quick Trip To My Home Planet

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Actually Autistic Blogs List How do you want your blog listed?

Thanks. Unless you request otherwise, your blog will be described as: Daily Life with Asperger’s Al Kutil; 60s; Dx34; Married; semi-retired; autism research; Wisconsin, USA; How do (or might) you use the Actually Autistic Blogs List? What might be done … Continue reading

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Please Talk to Your Kids About Disabilities | The Mighty

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How to Be a Better Friend to an Adult with ASD

How to Be a Better Friend to an Adult with Aspergers Syndrome a.k.a. High-Functioning Autism Updated on November 1, 2017 Kylyssa Shay more Kylyssa Shay is a middle-aged American woman living with autism who enjoys sharing hard-earned life hacks with … Continue reading

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​Being Bilingual May Be A Plus For Kids With Autism

​​ Being Bilingual May Be A Plus For Kids With Autism Speaking more than one language may offer a significant advantage for children with autism that goes well beyond communication, a new study suggests. Read More >

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Wolfgang Tillmans: my two-year investigation into the post-truth era

Wolfgang Tillmans: my two-year investigation into the post-truth era This might be a stretch, but some of the points made in this article really do relate to people on the Spectrum. And even mentions how an MRI scan can … Continue reading

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