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Copy & Paste – Hidden Asperger’s– Girls with Aspergers | Niamh McCann | TEDx


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Happy New Year!

Life can be a contradiction; sometimes we think about solving a problem with current technology, and other times we go old school. We are a unique creature, with abundant imagination. But what we have lost because we choose to break … Continue reading

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What is Executive Function?

Parents should already know that those on the Spectrum typically lack or are weak when it comes to Executive Function. But what is that? Starting with a Google Search, here is what I found out. National Center for Learning Disabilities  … Continue reading

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Asperger’s Syndrome Forum – Psych forums

Asperger’s Syndrome Forum – Psych forums. I was reviewing some historical emails from Laurie when I ran across this Asperger’s Forum with many categories and resources. Let me know if you join!

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Autism Society Partner Organizations

Here is a list of some of our closest partner organizations. Feel free to look them up via their websites and you can see what each provides. Primarily, they are clinics and therapists. Some do in home therapies and some … Continue reading

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