Skills Profile

I’m still involved with  piano tuning, but I also run a small business. I’ve also added additional skills below that were not listed previously.

Adventures in Travel is a travel blog which chronicles the local events my wife Laurie and I go to. If you’re interested in local events, we have over 250 posts which you can search for through the web page.  But this hardly does justice to the range of skills we have perfected in the past year. Layering is second nature, and we contributed several joined pictures to the Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin, of which I am a board member. Convert slides, add music, copy personal DVDs, photo and video services for community events and weddings, and provide content that will enhance your web page. Lest we forget posters, business cards, calendars and flyers are standard fare for this multimedia business. How can we help you achieve your personal, professional, or business goals and improve your image?

Laurie makes most of her income working for the State, but this work-from-home business is providing a meaningful boost to our household income. Other skills that might be useful to you include:

  • Computer upgrade, troubleshoot, maintenance and software install
  • Internet Research, Word documents and spreadsheets
  • Install alternative operating systems, like Ubuntu or Linux
  • General woodworking projects for your home
  • Diagnose home maintenance issues and find contractors
  • Provide senior care for those who need help living at home
  • Children and Adults recently diagnosed with Autism or ASD
  • Finding resources for Ageing or Disabled individuals
  • Transportation to appointments, grocery shopping, or similar services
  • Gardening, landscaping, or companion services
  • Home decorating using Feng Shui Principles

If you need help with any skill listed above, or something else, please send me an email through the form above, and I will usually reply within 24 hours. Please include a brief description, contact details, and best time to reach you within the email. Thank You!

These services are only available to Dane County residents living in Wisconsin, with the possible exception of a house sitting opportunity while the resident is temporarily away.

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